We’ve put together the following list of  top 10 mistakes that people make when selling their home. As with most of these lists some are obvious but are easily forgotten.

Top 10 Mistakes when selling you home

Mistake #1

Neglecting Repairs and Maintenance

Ensure that your property is free from defects as this can lead to the buyer seeking a bargain price for your property.

Mistake #2

Not Depersonalising

Remove any personal touches such as photos and ornaments. This will allow the prospective buyer to imagine the home as their own with their own belongings present.

Mistake #3

Not removing odours. The first thing that a person notices when they enter a home is the smell. If a person enters and encounters a strong odour from cooked food, smoking or pets this will. Make sure to air the house out thoroughly in order to remove any distinct smells from each room. Use air fresheners or appropriate odour removal.

Mistake #4

Emotional Attachment.

It is natural for us to be attached to a place that we’ve lived as it has a special meaning to us.

Becoming emotionally attached during the selling process can be a disaster. As hard as it is try to think of selling your home as a business venture. Think about the end result which is the sale of your property.

Mistake #5

Spot cleaning vs Q-tip Clean

Making sure that your home is clean is a basic requirement that many people overlook. When peoples see a messy home, they can’t imagine the space as their own. It also looks bad for you that you are not willing to put the effort in when you are hoping to sell.

A clean and tidy home also shows potential buyers that your house is a home and that you care about its upkeep.

Mistake #6

Not showing a rooms proper function.

If you are not using a room as it was designed take the time to make it tidy and uncluttered  for when potential buyers arrive. An example being if you are using a bedroom for a playroom have the playroom tidy so that people can imagine what the room will look like with different types of furniture present.

Mistake #7

Not having enough light

If a client has an evening appointment to view your home ensure that you have adequate lighting in each room to show off its potential to the buyer.

Mistake #8

Not investing money in updating the house

A house is a valuable investment and should be treated as same. Regular maintenance and repairs should be carried out to ensure your property remains in good condition. When you decide to sell this will help increase the value of your house to potential buyers and increase its resale value.

Mistake #9

Ignoring Professional Advice

The estate agent that you employ to sell your home is a valuable font of knowledge. They want to sell your home in the shortest time possible ensuring that they get you the seller the best offer. When it comes to recommendations from agent to seller it’s recommended to at least consider their requests as they are on your side and want the house to close too.

Mistake #10

Listing the property before you are ready to sell

In order to get the best offer for your home don’t list it for sale until its ready to go. You will get the most interest in the first two weeks of the listing going live and if you are still in the process of doing maintenance this will definitely affect you selling options.